Bucharest’s Traffic Management System (BTMS) was restarted

    By / 25/12/2015

    Bucharest City Hall announced that Streets Administration restarted the Traffic Management System for 103 intersections. The rest of 69 intersections will be added, progressively, in the next time frame. In Bucharest, there are 434 intersections with traffic lights, but only 172 are connected through BTMS. Source: City Hall 

    ICI’s Cloud may be the e-governance platform for a Smart City

    By / 25/10/2015

    Romanian National Institute for Research in Informatics (ICI) positioned itself as a cloud service provider for public entities after finalizing an European funded project, named „Cloud Infrastructure for Public Institutions” (ICIPRO). It is expected that main clients will be local and county-level public institutions. However, the Project Manager declared that ICIPRO should not be considered a Government Cloud…. Read more

    Smart meters to be implemented by Enel

    By / 01/08/2015

    Enel announced at 31-st July 2015 that it started the installation of 30,000 Smart Meters, as a first phase to reach around 2.7 millions devices at the end of the program. All the smart meters are managed remotely, allowing the daily invoicing of power consumption and also monitoring service quality; new systems will remove the need… Read more

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