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    German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce organizes the 5th edition of Cities of Tomorrow

    By / 15/03/2017

    “Cities of Tomorrow” 2017 will be held on 28th March at JW Marriott Grand Hotel and is dedicated to the urban and regional competitiveness in stimulating sustainable development of Romania’s cities and regions. Successful promoting of a city or region means the successful cooperation of all stakeholders and is a key factor for efficient development. Top international… Read more

    Huawei, winning the AWARD for the Best Smart City International Project

    By / 12/10/2016

    Smart Longgang aims to provide more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective services for its citizens and enterprises, and achieve smart, refined, and scientific urban management. (1) Benefit people: Smart Longgang integrates public service portals, including the one-windows government services, online service hall, administrative service hall website, Longgang government website (, community home network, and convenience app…. Read more

    Top leaders coming at Smart City Industry Awards 2016

    By / 04/10/2016

    Confirmed participants to the Awards Gala include: Gabriela Firea – General Mayor of Bucharest, Raed Arafat – Secretary of State Internal Affairs, Mihai Daraban – President of Romanian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. But also: Their Excellencies: Ambassador of Japan, Czech Ministry Councilor County leaders: President of Neamt County Council, President of Iasi County Council Key City… Read more

    Alba Iulia to be the first Smart City in Romania, announced at Communications Day

    By / 19/05/2016

    Marius Bostan, the Romanian Minister of Communications has launched at „Communications Day” Conference a challenge to the local operators and businesses: “let’s built the first smart city in Romania by 2018, and let this city be Alba Iulia.” The plan is to launch the smart city project in September 2016 and to end it until… Read more

    ICI’s Cloud may be the e-governance platform for a Smart City

    By / 25/10/2015

    Romanian National Institute for Research in Informatics (ICI) positioned itself as a cloud service provider for public entities after finalizing an European funded project, named „Cloud Infrastructure for Public Institutions” (ICIPRO). It is expected that main clients will be local and county-level public institutions. However, the Project Manager declared that ICIPRO should not be considered a Government Cloud…. Read more

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