Bucharest City Hall will set up 19 new Public Utility Companies

    By / 28/02/2017

    Bucharest General Council approved today the proposals that¬†Bucharest City Hall to set up 19 companies that would handle various activities such as electricity and heat production and supply, public lighting, hospital management, security, advertising space management, infrastructure projects consultancy, road management, parking management, and even taxi services. Previously, it was decided to set up a… Read more

    First female mayor elected in Bucharest

    By / 06/06/2016

    Gabriela Firea (PSD/ Social Democrat Party) is the new Mayor of Bucharest, elected with approximately 42%. According to the preliminary data, PSD’s candidates won in all six Districts of Bucharest.

    Integrated Plan for Urban Development was approved

    By / 26/01/2016

    City Mayor announced that the Integrated Plan for Urban Development approved today includes 62 Projects, targeting Bucharest modernization through tramway network improvement, new parking spaces and more efficient public transport.

    Razvan Sava, the new interim Mayor of Bucharest

    By / 26/11/2015

    PNL Bucharest announced that Razvan Sava, one of the party’s members of the Bucharest General Municipal Council (CGMB), was appointed to take over the office of deputy mayor and implicitly the interim general mayor office. Key priorities¬†of the in-coming interim Mayor of Bucharest include financial issues of RADET and preparing the city for the cold… Read more

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