Orange Romania, winning the AWARD for the Most Complex Smart City National Project

    By / 12/10/2016

    Orange Romania proposed for Alba Iulia a roadmap including the following components: Wi-Fi in popular public areas and public transport system, Digital education, Embedded cyber security for Internet access in public hotspots, Analytics platform for tracking the various urban metrics (mobility management), Citizen interaction and crowd information platform for city incidents reporting, Environment monitoring dashboard with comparative measurements, City proximity engagement platform… Read more

    Huawei, winning the AWARD for the Best Smart City International Project

    By / 12/10/2016

    Smart Longgang aims to provide more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective services for its citizens and enterprises, and achieve smart, refined, and scientific urban management. (1) Benefit people: Smart Longgang integrates public service portals, including the one-windows government services, online service hall, administrative service hall website, Longgang government website (, community home network, and convenience app…. Read more

    Top leaders coming at Smart City Industry Awards 2016

    By / 04/10/2016

    Confirmed participants to the Awards Gala include: Gabriela Firea – General Mayor of Bucharest, Raed Arafat – Secretary of State Internal Affairs, Mihai Daraban – President of Romanian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. But also: Their Excellencies: Ambassador of Japan, Czech Ministry Councilor County leaders: President of Neamt County Council, President of Iasi County Council Key City… Read more

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