German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce organizes the 5th edition of Cities of Tomorrow

    By / 15/03/2017

    “Cities of Tomorrow” 2017 will be held on 28th March at JW Marriott Grand Hotel and is dedicated to the urban and regional competitiveness in stimulating sustainable development of Romania’s cities and regions. Successful promoting of a city or region means the successful cooperation of all stakeholders and is a key factor for efficient development. Top international… Read more

    Bucharest City Hall will set up 19 new Public Utility Companies

    By / 28/02/2017

    Bucharest General Council approved today the proposals that Bucharest City Hall to set up 19 companies that would handle various activities such as electricity and heat production and supply, public lighting, hospital management, security, advertising space management, infrastructure projects consultancy, road management, parking management, and even taxi services. Previously, it was decided to set up a… Read more

    Orange Romania, winning the AWARD for the Most Complex Smart City National Project

    By / 12/10/2016

    Orange Romania proposed for Alba Iulia a roadmap including the following components: Wi-Fi in popular public areas and public transport system, Digital education, Embedded cyber security for Internet access in public hotspots, Analytics platform for tracking the various urban metrics (mobility management), Citizen interaction and crowd information platform for city incidents reporting, Environment monitoring dashboard with comparative measurements, City proximity engagement platform… Read more

    Huawei, winning the AWARD for the Best Smart City International Project

    By / 12/10/2016

    Smart Longgang aims to provide more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective services for its citizens and enterprises, and achieve smart, refined, and scientific urban management. (1) Benefit people: Smart Longgang integrates public service portals, including the one-windows government services, online service hall, administrative service hall website, Longgang government website (, community home network, and convenience app…. Read more

    Top leaders coming at Smart City Industry Awards 2016

    By / 04/10/2016

    Confirmed participants to the Awards Gala include: Gabriela Firea – General Mayor of Bucharest, Raed Arafat – Secretary of State Internal Affairs, Mihai Daraban – President of Romanian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. But also: Their Excellencies: Ambassador of Japan, Czech Ministry Councilor County leaders: President of Neamt County Council, President of Iasi County Council Key City… Read more

    First female mayor elected in Bucharest

    By / 06/06/2016

    Gabriela Firea (PSD/ Social Democrat Party) is the new Mayor of Bucharest, elected with approximately 42%. According to the preliminary data, PSD’s candidates won in all six Districts of Bucharest.

    Alba Iulia to be the first Smart City in Romania, announced at Communications Day

    By / 19/05/2016

    Marius Bostan, the Romanian Minister of Communications has launched at „Communications Day” Conference a challenge to the local operators and businesses: “let’s built the first smart city in Romania by 2018, and let this city be Alba Iulia.” The plan is to launch the smart city project in September 2016 and to end it until… Read more

    Bucharest’s first Smart Park powered by DT and Cisco

    By / 26/04/2016

    Bucharest’s Tineretului Park has long been known as an idyllic recreational area. But starting April 25, the Romanian capital will also have one of the “smartest” public spaces in Central and Eastern Europe. Telekom Romania and Cisco have developed Romania’s first smart city initiative for Tineretului Park in Bucharest’s Fourth District. The pilot project for the… Read more

    Kaufland Romania launches the first network of charging stations

    By / 11/04/2016

    Kaufland Romania, in partnership with Renovatio, is supporting all those who want to lead environmentally and public launches the first network of quick charging stations for electric cars in Romania. The charging stations will be located in the parking spaces of Kaufland stores in 9 cities (Arad, Timisoara, Deva, Sebes, Sibiu, Ramnicu Valcea, Pitesti, Constanta and… Read more

    Carrefour stores across the country are using digital wallet payments by NETOPIA mobilPay

    By / 07/04/2016

    Customers of the retail chain Carrefour Romania will be able to pay at the cash register directly from smartphones by using mobilPay Wallet app, developed by NETOPIA, the local market leader for Mobile Payments. mobilPay Wallet application can be downloaded for free on all smart terminals running iOS and Android operating systems. After registering their… Read more

    Integrated Plan for Urban Development was approved

    By / 26/01/2016

    City Mayor announced that the Integrated Plan for Urban Development approved today includes 62 Projects, targeting Bucharest modernization through tramway network improvement, new parking spaces and more efficient public transport.

    Bucharest’s Traffic Management System (BTMS) was restarted

    By / 25/12/2015

    Bucharest City Hall announced that Streets Administration restarted the Traffic Management System for 103 intersections. The rest of 69 intersections will be added, progressively, in the next time frame. In Bucharest, there are 434 intersections with traffic lights, but only 172 are connected through BTMS. Source: City Hall 

    Razvan Sava, the new interim Mayor of Bucharest

    By / 26/11/2015

    PNL Bucharest announced that Razvan Sava, one of the party’s members of the Bucharest General Municipal Council (CGMB), was appointed to take over the office of deputy mayor and implicitly the interim general mayor office. Key priorities of the in-coming interim Mayor of Bucharest include financial issues of RADET and preparing the city for the cold… Read more

    ICI’s Cloud may be the e-governance platform for a Smart City

    By / 25/10/2015

    Romanian National Institute for Research in Informatics (ICI) positioned itself as a cloud service provider for public entities after finalizing an European funded project, named „Cloud Infrastructure for Public Institutions” (ICIPRO). It is expected that main clients will be local and county-level public institutions. However, the Project Manager declared that ICIPRO should not be considered a Government Cloud…. Read more

    Smart meters to be implemented by Enel

    By / 01/08/2015

    Enel announced at 31-st July 2015 that it started the installation of 30,000 Smart Meters, as a first phase to reach around 2.7 millions devices at the end of the program. All the smart meters are managed remotely, allowing the daily invoicing of power consumption and also monitoring service quality; new systems will remove the need… Read more

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