Orange Romania, winning the AWARD for the Most Complex Smart City National Project

Orange Romania proposed for Alba Iulia a roadmap including the following components: Wi-Fi in popular public areas and public transport system, Digital education, Embedded cyber security for Internet access in public hotspots, Analytics platform for tracking the various urban metrics (mobility management), Citizen interaction and crowd information platform for city incidents reporting, Environment monitoring dashboard with comparative measurements, City proximity engagement platform promoting tourism and facilitating Electronic Direct Democracy, City Internet of Things infrastructure for energy consumption optimization and better water and waste management.

Also, it will be held a dedicated Innovation Labs 2017 track (and open data hackathon) on smart city with access to Alba Iulia smart city infrastructure and available data sets, while a joint academic and research paper and collaboration for Horizon 2020 calls will follow.

Proposed architecture includes three levels: data collection layer, middleware layer and application layer. This structure ensures that all data is stored, processed, secured and ready to be visualized in the middle layer. Orange solution is based on IBM Bluemix platform to sustain this middleware because it offers all the services needed – connectivity through APIs, storage, processing power and security. Orange will be the operator and the integrator for this platform helping all the interested stakeholders to access and store information on it.

Project will include around 200 Access Points through all the Alba Iulia city and it’s expected an average usage of 1TB per month generated by an average of 20,000 unique users.

Orange will also implement a LoRaWAN network covering most important parts of the city. On top of that, there will be used two solutions:

  • An Intelligent Public Lighting system (intellilight by Flashnet) allowing authorities to turn the lights on and off remotely but also to dim them according to a schedule. 100 controllers will be installed in the next period of time on the main roads of the city.
  • A water metering solution enabling the water provider to remotely read the indexes from the water meters and also to be alerted in case of water leakage, reverse flow, empty pipe or magnetic tampering.

Written by BSC