Huawei, winning the AWARD for the Best Smart City International Project

Smart Longgang aims to provide more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective services for its citizens and enterprises, and achieve smart, refined, and scientific urban management.

(1) Benefit people: Smart Longgang integrates public service portals, including the one-windows government services, online service hall, administrative service hall website, Longgang government website (, community home network, and convenience app. Citizens are now able to conveniently handle public service affairs (such as social security, healthcare, education, transportation, and utility bills), and enterprises benefit with online market supervision, tax, and trade services. Open Wi-Fi covers 456 public places, with over 1700 APs deployed and benefiting over 800,000 users.

(2) Gather all forces: Longgang District and Huawei worked within a strategic partnership to strengthen the top-level design of Smart City, and used Huawei’s ICT infrastructure solution to establish a world-leading open and convergent support platform. Huawei also aggregated the best-in-class suppliers locally and internationally to provide an efficient integrated platform and a wide range of smart apps for different sectors.

(3) Aggregate data resources: Longgang District has created basic population, legal person, house, macro economy, and geographic information databases as well as implemented data cleanup, comparison, and association to facilitate sharing of public information resources. In addition, Longgang District constructed a Smart Center that integrates the data center, the operation center, and the exhibition center and improves economic and social conditions. To date, Longgang District has aggregated over 0.7 billion data records of municipal and district-level departments.

(4) Display information on maps: Longgang District has established a spatio-temporal information sharing platform, which integrates two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and live view information, opens map layer subscription capability to departments, and aggregates the development successes of all departments. 48 types of thematic maps have been developed based on the platform, providing 421 data map layers.

(5) Implement smart governance: Longgang District has launched eight demonstration apps: Smart Government, Smart Comprehensive Management & Stability Maintenance, Smart Emergency Response, Smart Security Surveillance, Smart Police, Smart Firefighting, and Smart Nanwan (Subdistrict).


Six visions: smart infrastructure, efficient & collaborative government, inclusive public services, refined social management, livable urban environment, and high-end industry development


Longgang District in Shenzhen has achieved major milestones in Smart Government, Smart Healthcare, Smart Industry, Smart Campus, Smart Community, Smart Governance, Smart Transportation, Smart Environment Protection, and Smart Education, and is currently proactively promoting these projects.

Written by BSC