Top leaders coming at Smart City Industry Awards 2016

Confirmed participants to the Awards Gala include:

  • Gabriela Firea – General Mayor of Bucharest,
  • Raed Arafat – Secretary of State Internal Affairs,
  • Mihai Daraban – President of Romanian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

But also:

  • Their Excellencies: Ambassador of Japan, Czech Ministry Councilor
  • County leaders: President of Neamt County Council, President of Iasi County Council
  • Key City leaders: Mayor of Alba Iulia, Mayor of Craiova, Mayor of Constanta, Mayor of 5-th District, Mayor of 6-th District, Vice-Mayor of Brasov, Vice-Mayor of 6-th District
  • Representatives from Top Companies: CEO of CEZ, CEO of Anchor Group, CEO of Impact, Immochan Marketing Director, Director of ANPC.

Written by BSC