Kaufland Romania launches the first network of charging stations

Kaufland Romania, in partnership with Renovatio, is supporting all those who want to lead environmentally and public launches the first network of quick charging stations for electric cars in Romania. The charging stations will be located in the parking spaces of Kaufland stores in 9 cities (Arad, Timisoara, Deva, Sebes, Sibiu, Ramnicu Valcea, Pitesti, Constanta and Bucharest) and can be used free of charge.

In addition to launching the network of filling stations to help develop the market of environmentally friendly vehicles in Romania and to inspire further responsibility for the environment and society, Kaufland acquires a fleet of 18 cars 100% electric (zero emission) . Some of them will be donated to NGO partners, and some will be used by employees Kaufland in daily trips for work, helping to reduce pollution levels in a city already choked by exhaust and noise pollution. The first NGOs benefiting from today for an environmentally friendly way of transport are Hospice House of Hope, Habitat for Humanity and Let’s Do It, Romania!.

The first charging point in the network is operational in Bucharest, in the parking area of the Kaufland store on Barbu Vacarescu Street.

The most important benefit for users is the possibility of charging electric vehicles under Fast Charge (0-80% battery capacity in less than 1h). The station serves all types of vehicles 100% electric and hybrid plug-in for both fast charging standards (CHAdeMO and CCS) at a power of 20 kW and AC charging (type 2) to an output of 22kWh.

„Caring for the environment has always been one of the concerns and priorities of our and we are proud that we are now pioneers in impactful projects for a sustainable future. Furthermore, we are the first to donate a fleet of cars cross by NGO partners bring free to the Romanians energy in the first public network local charging stations quick to encourage movement by car eco and environmental responsibility. Driving a car cross is not merely an option as any, but an investment in our future all, „said Marco Hößl, CEO Kaufland Romania.

Renovatio’s e-charge is the first rapid charging solution dedicated to all users of electric vehicles in Romania. The network will have at least 50 charging points Fast Charge ensuring electric mobility in cities and along the Pan-European corridors crossing the country.

Source: Kaufland Romania

Written by BSC