Smart meters to be implemented by Enel

Enel announced at 31-st July 2015 that it started the installation of 30,000 Smart Meters, as a first phase to reach around 2.7 millions devices at the end of the program. All the smart meters are managed remotely, allowing the daily invoicing of power consumption and also monitoring service quality; new systems will remove the need to estimate consumption and to apply regularization.

Toni Volpe, Country Manager Enel Romania, declared he is very proud to start the smart metering pilot project in Romania, while mentioning that in Italy there are over 32 millions customers having a similar solution. He added that smart metering is a first step towards smart cities, a model too include energetic efficiency, economic sustainability and environment protection.

Enel will install approximately 11,392 smart meters in Muntenia Region (10,520 for residential customers and 872 for businesses, all in the East of Bucharest), but also 10,000 smart meters in Dobrogea Region (Constanta and Calarasi) and other 10,000 smart meters in Banat Region (Timis – 4,100, Arad – 3,100, Deva – 2,800).A smart metering system will allow better competition, as customers will have the option to switch in real time to other energy providers or other packages. Clients can use various systems to optimize power consumption at home/ office (smart home/ office), while consumers that also produce energy can include it easily in the smart grid. Also, clients with electric vehicles can use specific charging systems.

Source: Enel Romania

Written by BSC